• Products

    Body Esthetic is a company that specializes in developing customized products and turnkey projects

  • Formulations

    We have a wide range of formulations adapted to your needs.


  • Actives

    We have a extensive catalogue of ingredients and actives of the latest generation with a host of functionalities.

  • Packaging

    See our selection of containers in stock. Also to order.


  • Packaging

    We develop the best packaging material to suit each product..


  • Designs

    We employ different designers and agencies for the realization of your projects


  • Procedures

    If the customer requests, we are able to make the necessary arrangements for each project and product.


Body Esthetic Laboratoire is a company that specializes in customized product development and turnkey products, private label as well as a distributor.

The company carries out its activities in the fields of cosmetics, veterinary, sanitary and phytosanitary products, providing an integral and / or semi-elaborated solution which includes everything from production at its factory in Hospitalet de Llobregat to delivery at the destination.

Our mission is to fulfil the needs of each client, bringing added value products, always with the highest levels of efficiency, agility, competitive costs and confidentiality.

Body Esthetic Laboratoire thanks to its history and its capacity for innovation is, one of the leading companies in the sector within its sphere of activity, with clients nationwide and internationally.